Sunday, June 12, 2011

Observations from Game 5

  • As much as Game 4 was about defense, Game 5 was about offense.  Both teams did a great job of getting good looks on a high percentage of their possessions and converted on those opportunities. 
  • Dallas has gotten more and more comfortable and gotten a higher percentage of good shots with each game, with Game 5 being their best offensive game yet.  However, defensively, they allowed Miami to create many easy opportunities which allowed them to shoot 53% from the field overall despite shooting under 40% on jump shots. 
  • J.J. Barea and Jason Terry were the keys for Dallas in this game, as both stepped up, played aggressively and made big shots, including the good shots they've been making all postseason along with some tough contested shots.  Both attacked the basket, taking some pressure off their outside shooting, which benefited as a result.  Barea also created a number of easy shots for Nowitzki.  
  • As noted above, Miami did a great job creating many easy opportunities, only a few of which were in transition.  However, with the exception of Mario Chalmers and Mike Miller, they shot very poorly from outside, highlighting the importance for them to get easy opportunities inside the paint.  Excluding Chalmers and Miller who went 7 for 11 from outside, the rest of the team shot around 30% on jump shots. 
  • LeBron James was more active this game, but again disappeared in the 4th quarter.  His activity before the 4th quarter was certainly in part a product of Dwyane Wade's injury and absence during the 2nd and 3rd quarters.  Like the rest of his team, he was much more successful going to the rim and shot poorly from outside.  He must be looking forward to returning home, where he has had more success with his shot. 
  • Chalmers had another solid game and came out with a great first half, but did not take a single field goal attempt in the second half.  He continues to outplay Mike Bibby on both ends of he floor.  I have been wondering how long it would take Spoelstra to start Chalmers, and he is finally doing so tonight in Game 6 with Miami facing elimination. 

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