Friday, June 3, 2011

The Comeback through Dirk

  • After avoiding Dirk during stretches, Dallas' possessions were dominated by Dirk in their comeback during the last 7 minutes of the game after falling behind 88 - 73.  Possession by possession:

    • 1 - Dirk got the ball, attacked, was fouled in the act of shooting, but wasn't given shots.  After the call, they went through Dirk again and he got Marion a good opportunity on a layup, which me missed. 
    • 2 - Dirk got the ball from Kidd, attacked, and found Terry for an open made jumper.  
    • 3 - Transition layup by Terry off a missed 3 by Miami. 
    • 4 - Terry earned a trip to the line, making both, after receiving a pass from Marion who got the ball in transition.  
    • 5 - Offense went through Dirk again, who attacked, found Marion, who immediately used the space created for him from the help on Dirk, attacked the rim and made an easy shot.  
    • 6 - After an initial penetration by Terry, Kidd found Dirk, who attacked again, drew Bosh, which led to James sagging, and found Kidd for a wide open 3. 
    • 7 - Dirk received the ball in the high post, was doubled, made the easy pass to Kidd, who made the easy pass to Terry who took two dribbles past Chalmers and made a mid-range jumper.  
    • 8 - Dirk sets a high screen for Terry, Bosh stepped out, Dirk released towards the baseline, Terry found him and Dirk made the relatively open but still contested mid-range jumper he's made all postseason.
    • 9 - Dirk gets the ball outside the three-point line with just 8 seconds left on the shot clock, rushes a contested shot, which is blocked, followed by a desperate missed shot by Kidd.  This was one of only two empty possessions in the last 7 minutes of the game for Dallas.   
    • 10 - Transition layup by Dirk to tie the game after a possession where Miami took two contested three-point shots and Dallas fortunately came up with the ball after Haslem was stripped after a 2nd offensive rebound on the possession and tried to save the ball as he fell out of bounds. 
    • 11 - Terry starts with the ball, gets the ball to Dirk, who hits an open 3 thanks to a screen from Tyson Chandler. 
    • 12 - Dirk got the ball in isolation and scores the winning layup after being overplayed by Bosh, who was certainly worried about the pull-up mid-range jumper. 
  • Aside from two plays by Terry in transition or immediately following initial transition, every possession went through or ended with Dirk.  In the two possessions that Dallas failed to score on, in one, Marion missed a good layup opportunity created by Dirk, and in the other Dirk did not receive the ball until 8 seconds were remaining on the shot clock (though my feed went black until there were 15 seconds left and it didn't appear that Dirk had touched the ball, so I can't be sure).  Point is, Dallas is most successful when the offense runs through Dirk, and as long as they take care of the ball and move it effectively when he is doubled, and hit the open shots that are created, they will play very efficient basketball.  Stretches where Dirk doesn't touch the ball, or poor passes are made after Dirk is doubled are when Miami had the most success creating turnovers and getting in transition. 
  • During the same stretch to end the game, Miami missed 9 contested outside shots on 8 different possessions, James missed a layup on one and got to the line and made two free throws on another, on another Bosh turned it over and Chalmers made one open three-point shot to tie the game after Dallas had already taken the lead after a 20 - 2 run. 

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